Individuals                                       sliding scale:  $120 – $150 (50 minute session)  

Explore, make meaning and connections of earlier life experiences and present problems
Develop self-awareness and introspection
Develop understanding of your needs, boundaries and limits
Develop self-love
Explore relational patterns and dynamics; improve present day relationships
Process and heal from traumatic events
Develop coping strategies
Improve communication and assertion
Enhance relational capacity

Couples                                                                       $200/90 minute session           

Explore and identify cycles of disconnection and conflict
Develop more effective ways of communicating
Identify underlying needs influencing disconnection
Explore and identify attachment history and patterns
Gain insight into relationship dynamics
Cultivate connection
Deepen emotional intimacy
Develop relational skills

Clinical Supervision                                                      $120/50 minute consultation 

Clinical Supervision to clinicians who have a Master’s of Social Worker, and Masters in Counselling Psychology

Therapy Options                                                                                                               

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